Shockone @ Waves

Asset creation

Marketing &

ad campaign

Project August 2019


The Project

Shockone is an electronic music producer based in Perth. With the launch and subsequent tour announcement of his latest album A Dark Machine, we were approached by Phil Buriel of FRNDS music to tailor a marketing campaign to generate interest and drive conversions for his August show at Waves Wollongong.


Shockone at Waves

20% event cover

The Strategy

With the visual identity for Shockone’s ADM tour already predetermined, the plan became to produce a series of true-to-creator advertiser friendly assets to broadcast across social media platforms. Taking elements from the supplied base tour poster and event cover, we devised a campaign strategy with awareness and engagement in mind.

The strategy in had two actionable arms:  the first being a series of assets to be darkposted via Shockone’s facebook page, presenting promotional material directly from the artist to our Wollongong and wider audience. The second was a series of support act tiles, featuring a hero image of the support artist. These were then distributed to each support act to post on their respective social channels, to help promote themselves and the show. Further, these served to supplement the primary campaign as a constant feed of content being uploaded to the Facebook Event. 

Shockone at waves

20% retarget


Advertising online comes with its various challenges, namely being able to stand out against an endless feed of information and also retaining clarity across multiple mediums. Keeping this in mind, we placed emphasis on highlighting Shockone’s namesake in our assets, in addition to ensuring supplemental information was tiered in a logical hierarchy that would best convey our message to our audience.

Furthering our fight to be seen against the competition we produced two sets of assets, one in our provided base colour scheme, and another tinted purple. The purpose being to overcome ‘banner blindness’ by first capturing a database of interested show goers with the base set, then retargetingthis userbase with the purple assets.