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Flyer Design

Asset Creation

Project October 2019

Digital experience
asset creation

The Project

Continuing our relationship with Elliott Harper of Look Alive, we were approached to create a new series of assets for 2 upcoming shows based in Sydney and Newcastle. A collaborative effort between Look Alive, The Wall and Blackout Newcastle, a discussion was opened up to begin crafting a standout theme to complement a star-studded lineup.

Facebook Event Cover

The Wall Weekender ft. Marauda

An Idea

Creating new from old is a cornerstone of design, and the contemporary remixing of plastic packaging and stickers into various art pieces to provide additional texture and a grungy aesthetic has become somewhat trendy of late. Perhaps a tongue-in-cheek jab, market research gave us the idea of building a poster around a drug baggie. This foundation lent itself to more thematically aligned ideas- acid tabs and stickers with enough ambiguity to not be too overt in messaging.

Release Video

The Wall Weekender ft. Marauda

Building a campaign

Looking to maximize campaign effectiveness, we devised a campaign road map with content to be regularly scheduled across all social channels in the lead up. Static and video assets promoting the event, a giveaway promotion, and sale assets were all set up to be run over the show life cycles. To drive active organic engagement with the brand, we filmed and produced the now staple Look Alive DJ competition – showcasing the finalists via livestream. 


Look Alive continues to move from strength to strength going forwards into 2020.