SJD Physio

The Project

Shane J Dyson is a Physiotherapist based in Greens Square, Alexandria. He has an immaculate practice located within a medical centre, as such has numerous other medical professionals for referrals. Despite this he required more clients coming into his practice to receive treatment and was trying numerous methods before coming to us. 

The Challenge

Advertising medical services is getting harder with changes to many online advertising platforms T&Cs. Nothing can be direct, it can’t address any form question, basically it can’t follow many modern marketing paradigms such as problem>solution>offer. His website was old and not user friendly, his branding was stale and he was spending $50 on google ads daily with no results. 

A Way Forward

We designed and launched an entirely new website for Shane, went into his studio to create content for his socials and created a boutique marketing campaign that fit within his budget. He’s finally getting referrals and is able to track exactly where his conversions are coming from with weekly reports. 

SJD Physio
SJD Physio


Shane is now experiencing solid growth for his practice, with a 400% increase in online clicks for 1/2 the budget. 

Marketing a health service is getting harder and harder in Australia, I’m so grateful to Convaim for helping the success of my business.


SJD Physio